Lembongan Dive Packages

Bali most popular and beautiful island in the world. Many visitors visite to look of Bali Culture.Bali have beautiful temples, friendly peoples and perfect place for Diving and Snorkling.Bali have popular islands for visit likes : Menjangan Island, Lembongan Island, Ceningan Island and Nusa Penida island.The Islands have best coral reefs and Fishes.

If talk about Bali have to visit Nusa Lembongan.And Lembongan Without others is no Completely Islands safari Dive.Therefore Lembongan, Ceningan and Nusa Penida to be best spot for Europeon, Australian, Asian, American, African to Holiday, explore, Diving, Snorkling, etc.

Lembongan Island Most Popular than others because easy way to get to Lembongan from Sanur – Bali. Many  we can see, do here &  more facilities here likes;
1.Hotels/Villas/Bungalows/Homestay : Many accommodation in Lembongan island from IDR 150.000 to 700.000 Depend of the season.low season from October to May and High season from June to September.One very Cheap is Laksemi Homestay from IDR 150.000

2.Diving Shop / Dive Center in Lembongan Almost more than 20 Shops. Many Dive Center owner by Europeon and 2 by Local Dive Centers. One of the Dive Center owned by Local is Indo Divers Lembongan. Here the Dive Center Run by Local Divemasters and Hungary Intructor with English and Germany languages.Indo Divers Center provide Speed boat, Homestay, Snorkling, taxi and Tour Safari.

3. Place to visite; Dream beach, Devils Tears, Yellow Bridge, Mangrove Forest, Under ground House and Panorama Cliff View.


Indo Divers Lembongan is one of the best local dive center to make you have more experience ever with Manta Ray , mola mola, whales, turtles etc. Indo divers one of activities you can look for Diving in Lembongan. Here you’ll never worry’s about pocket or Budged.  because Indo Divers will help you to try Dive or Fun dive.

This season we will show you Mola Mola and rays. we have special to make your holiday more fun and memorable in your life.


Dive Packages with Homestay

1. Aye Packages : One night stay and 2 dives (2dives) : 1.1million /person ( manta & Crystal bay )

2. Island Packages : 3 nights stay and 6 dives : 3.3 Million /person ( manta point, Crystal,Toyopakeh, SD, PED, mangrove point ).


December 2016 and January  2017

Manta Point – Mola mola – Napolion and Nemo


  • Manta point , manta bay and secret manta at  7:35 am 
  • Crystal Bay , Ceningan wall, and Gamad bay, Ceningan a Channel at 7:00am 
  •  On request … If more than 3 days. 

For further info :

phone & WA : +62 ( 0 ) 82340 228744

Office : 085338225807

Email : indodivers@gmail.com

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